Лого компании PetroMramor
Изделия компании PetroMramor из гранита и мрамора
Saint Petersburg
VO, Bolshoi pr.80, business center, "Senator"
tel.: (812) 322-09-40, 322-34-40,
332-10-70, 332-10-76. Directions
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Products of Petromramor on YouTube

Products of Petromramor on YouTube Submitted videos production processes from manufacturing slabs a granite and marble to thermal processing and bucharding natural stone. All stories are original and are publicly available on Youtube.

Jobs in processing of stone

Jobs in processing of stone To view current vacancies for specialists in the field of stone processing, engineers, administrative staff, vacancies, training or leave summary - refer to Vacancies

Sale of ready steps

Sale of ready steps Sale of ready steps of deposits the Vozrozdenie, Dymovsky, Ladoga, etc. at the price 2440 for square meter.

Sale of a tile a granite and marble

Sale of a tile a granite and marble Company PetroMramor suggests to buy a granite and marble tile for internal furnish of premises, baths of rooms, ladders, and as for facing of external facades of buildings and structures.

Products of PetroMramor on YouTube

Products of PetroMramor on YouTube Video files of productions of company PetroMramor on Youtube are in open access and contain materials from manufacturing slabs a granite and marble to Thermal processing of a granite.

Sale granite and marble slabs

Sale granite and marble slabs Company PetroMramor carries out sale granite and marble slabs.

Our projects and customers

Our projects and customers The list of objects of building on which company "PetroMramor" carried out deliveries of products from a natural stone is presented and performed works on projects of our customers.

About the company PetroMramor

Company PetroMramor is one of the most modern and efficient companies in the north-west Russia in the manufacture of products from Granite and Marble, and has the latest technology for processing natural stone. Is Credo of "PetroMramor" - stone is not just a building material, and painting of the artist, which we fill the soul and paints, turning it into a dominant of any architectural project. Our engineers and specialists in processing granite and processing of marble make every effort to fulfill the order with high precision and the highest quality.

In working with stone for us, nothing is impossible: our company manufactures both standard Production granite & marble and products of any complexity from the fireplace shelves and Window sills to massive monolithic columns. Manufacturing production is performed on modern Italian equipment using advanced technologies for processing natural stone.

In addition to manufacturing products, PetroMramor sells from stock and to order more than 100 kinds of granite and marble ( Facing tile ) (Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, China, India, Turkey and others). Production and delivery of natural stone quarries is carried out with the Leningrad Region: Vozrozhdenie (granite) , Baltic (granosienite), Kamennogorsk (granite), as well as from the quarries in Karelia ( Kashin Gora (granite) ).

We provide delivery and installation of our products, as well as perform interior and facade cladding work using granite and marble (including the method of "ventilated facade").

Our company carries out work not only in St. Petersburg, but throughout Russia and in neighboring countries. Visit our company, you will find a wide range of domestic and imported granite and marble, and receive advice on all your questions. You can also visit our production Vsevolozhsk and assess the types of processing granite and marble processing. Ask!

You can find our main office on the map in the section Contacts, and look at the map location of our production in the section Manufacture.