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Selling of granite slabs in St. Petersburg

Selling of granite slabs in St. Petersburg Stone Enterprise "PetroMramor" announces price cut on the slab paving its own production of gray, brown, pink, black, white, yellow and red granite deposits Renaissance Kamennogorsk, Dimov, Baltic, Ladoga, Drugoretskoe, Ala Noskua, Mansurov, Zhalgyz, Zheltau red, yellow Zheltau, Baltic Brown, and other fields in Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan. Paving slabs have different sizes: 300x300, 300h600, 600x600, 400x400, 400x600, 500x500, 1000x1000, 800x800, 200h400, 200x200 mm and other sizes and shapes, including non-rectangular, on request.

Offer to buy from our warehouse in Vsevolozhsk directly from the manufacturer of granite slabs at discounted prices. Thermoprocessed Sidewalk paving and landscaping of granite Renaissance Zheltau, Kamennogorsk, Baltic (Dymovskiy) 600h600h80 sizes and 400h400h80 mm for the price of 6 000,00 rubles per square meter, including VAT. Price similar plate thickness of 50 mm is 4 660,00 rubles per square meter, including VAT.

Prices include packing and loading into vehicles of the customer. In stock Vsevolozhsky stone processing plant is always a paving slabs of granite paving from granite in different colors: gray, yellow, pink, red, brown, green, black and different sizes with heat-treated and buchardirovannoy face of the thickness of 50, 60 and 80 mm. All questions about the price of paving slabs, delivery terms and Availability can be addressed to our sales specialist