>Скидки на гранитные колонны

Discounts on granite columns

Discounts on granite columns
From September 10, 2014 the company "PetroMramor" operates seasonal discount of 30% on the columns, vases, reliefs, fountains, balusters, memorial and sculptural groups of granite and marble.

The company "PetroMramor" - one of the few manufacturers of natural stone, which is able to produce the mass market, and make the individual products of any complexity of marble and granite. Another proof of this is manufactured and installed by the Company PetroMramor in 2013 in the historic center of St. Petersburg The monument to Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich.

Natural stone for thousands of years man used to decorate the surrounding space. Everyone is familiar with fine examples of Greek marble sculptures, carved bas-reliefs decorating the house in the cities of Europe, fireplaces palace interiors, balustrade of marble and granite. Equally popular these decorative products nowadays. With the development of stone processing, they have become much more affordable. Also, before the bulk of the complex decorative items made ??of marble, limestone, travertine and other soft rocks.