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Sale chipped granite pavers

Sale chipped granite pavers
Split and sawn-chipped granite paving at discount prices - this is a great seasonal offer for those who are engaged in road construction, landscaping and landscape design!

In stock company "PetroMramor" Vsevolozhsk for consumers is currently available in more than 3,000 square meters of granite paving stones chipped gray, red and black colors and sizes and 100h100h100 100h100h50 mm. Sawn-chipped with heat-treated surface and full-chipped granite paving stones made of granite deposits Ala Noskua, Balmoral Red, Baltic Brown, Renaissance, gabbro-diabase Drugoretsky, gabbronorites Kupetsky, Zheltau yellow, red Zheltau, Kamennogorsk, Carmen Red, Kashin mountain, Pink Ladoga, Letnerechensky, Mansurovsky and some other granites. Cobbles packaged in the most convenient for consumers and carriers packaging - wooden boxes. Number of pavers in each pack is controlled with an accuracy of 1 piece and the buyer can check it easily, thanks to a smooth layering granite paving stones in a box.

The most inexpensive material for paving of granite is a full-chipped granite pavers. Price full-chipped stone blocks of gray granite Renaissance and Kamennogorsk 100h100h50 mm size is 1 377,00 rubles per square meter (81 pcs.). Full-chipped paving 100h100h50 mm colored granites of Russia and Kazakhstan, produced in limited quantities from the remnants of raw materials and sub-standard granite blocks, and available stock is sold at the price of 1 782,00 rubles per square meter. Price pavers size 100h100h50 mm from granites of Finland - 2 187,00 rubles per square meter.