Sale of sawn granite paving

Sale of sawn granite paving
We offer to purchase from the manufacturer sawn granite paving stones from a warehouse in St. Petersburg at discount prices! Large selection of color, thickness and size of the pavers allows you to choose the appropriate option for any project! Wide range of colors of black, gray, brown, pink, red, yellow, green granite of various colors and textures allows you to choose the desired color or combination of colors to suit all tastes.

Variety of granite, which is made of stone blocks, represented by deposits of Russia, Kazakhstan and Finland: Kamennogorsk, Renaissance, Dimov, Baltic, Mansurov, Ladoga, Irinovskaya, gabbro-diabase Drugoretskoe, Letnerechensky, Elizovsky, Kashin Gora Zhalgyz, Zheltau yellow, red Zheltau , Baltic Brown and others. Base prices for sawn slabs and granite paving Dymovskiy, Kamennogorsk, Renaissance, Zheltau yellow, Zhalgyz, Mansurovsky 300x300, 400x400, 200h400, 400x600 and 600x600 depending on the thickness is per square meter:

50 мм 60 мм 80 мм 100 мм
4 660 rub 5 160 rub 6 000 rub 6 900 rub