>Распродажа гранитного окола, некондиция

Sale of granite about, substandard

Sale of granite about, substandard The company "PetroMramor" sverhekonomnoe offers a solution for people who know how to count money and are willing to show imagination in the design! The price per square meter is about, breccia or parts of the panel is ten or more times cheaper than the price of a standard plate. Okol has all the advantages of natural granite. With the use of waste granite and granite okola possible to solve the problems facing floors, pavings, paths. Granite about (granite fight breccia) - it melkoformatnye plates of irregular shape with cut edges, often polished and heat-treated texture thickness of 20-50 mm.

Some edge while there may be sawn. This is a by-product in the manufacture of modular tiles of granite. We offer granite is about, fight and breccia cutting granite slabs at the price of 300.00 rubles per square meter, as well as crushed stone at a price of 300.00 rubles per cubic meter.  What could be waste of granite or granite slabs, is a byproduct of demand, which is stable in high demand. The only thing that limits the use of massive granite fight at such a low price is something that is a byproduct of production and, consequently, the amount of its supply is limited. Despite the fact that nearly packed in boxes or on pallets without sorting by color, texture and processing of thickness and composition around in place within a single container is sufficiently uniform in thickness, granite deposit and type of surface treatment