Photocatalogue Chopped granite pavers

Photocatalogue Chopped granite pavers
In the photo catalog includes photographs, examples and descriptions of the most popular types of chipped granite pavers: full-chipped (crushed stone piece), sawn, chipped out of the slab (chipped stone piece) and sawn-chipped paving (Pre-cast stone sawn billets). All information in this photo catalog products are made by stone-working factory LLC "PetroMramor." The features of the application of chipped stone blocks of granite in the improvement and road construction.

The articles in this fotokaloga described in more detail the most commonly used in the North-West region of sett types: full-chipped granite paving "Vozrozdenie" and the size of 100h100h50 100x100x100 mm, full-chipped paving granosyenites "Dymovskiy" (field "Baltic", "Irinovskaya", "Elizovsky"), full-chipped paving gabbro-diabase deposit "Drugoretskoe" stab of slab paving gabbro-diabase. In addition, the article questions the packing stones and rationing its consumption per square meter installation. Additionally, given a summary of the production technology chipped stone blocks with hydraulic presses.

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