Warehouse slabs, pavers and other granite products in St. Petersburg

Warehouse slabs and pavers in St. Petersburg
For the convenience of customers and to meet their operational needs of the company "PetroMramor" organized the warehouse of finished products, which stores a large variety of products made of stone, which may require the consumer: plates, weak, steps, pavers and more. Due to this, the products available in stock, can be shipped to the customer immediately after the payment that allows the user to reduce the time spent on the site, to keep the working capital and so on. D.

When ordering custom product is not in stock, the availability of semi-finished product is also significantly shortens the life of the Order, as is done only revision of the product. For example, upon receiving the order on the window sill, as a rule, can only cut it out of the slab plate size of the client's needs and apply them to the ends of the selected profile view. Thanks to the extensive experience of our managers controlling the filling of storage, most of the requests of customers can be satisfied in one day. This time is necessary for the selection and formation of a packing case with the production of a particular consumer.

The warehouse is located in Vsevolozhsk Leningrad region on the territory of the production site, LLC "PetroMramor." This location is convenient for consumers proximity to St. Petersburg and major thoroughfares. Location outside the city gives you the opportunity to choose the route of travel to a warehouse outside the city car "plugs", which is especially important for heavy vehicles lengthy.

Stock has more than 10 000 sq.m. polished, glazed, polished, heat treated, and buchardirovannyh simply sawn slabs and slabs of granite deposits Zheltau yellow, red Zheltau, Zhalgyz, Letnerechensky, Revival, Kamennogorsk, Kupetsky, Kashin Gore Dymovskoe, Elizovsky, Baltic, Baltic Brown, Carmen Red, Baltic Green, Balmoral Red, Indian Brown, Zhialo Ornamentale, and other fields.

The thickness of the slabs and Semis available in stock for tonkomernyh facing plates is 20 mm and 30 mm, granite pavers and paving slabs - 50, 60, 80 mm and 100 mm and more.

In addition, for sale with wholesale warehouse prices factory offered finished products made of granite. For example, buy Ready granite steps heat-treated face of the 30 mm thick granite Zheltau of red, Kamennogorsk, Dymovskiy, Baltic Brown possible at competitive prices. Finished stage represent dimensional slab width 350-400 mm with heat-treated surface. The width of the granite steps 350 and 400 mm is the most common. Typically, the stage of the concrete base 300 and have a width of 350 mm. When facing granite added 20 or 30 mm and the thickness of the riser is about 10-20 mm remain "overhang."

Large selection of step length in stock, usually allows you to immediately pick up the necessary customer set of plates to start editing immediately without having to wait for the manufacture or trim to desired length. Thus, if the user does not need further processing end and the board edge, the order may be the acquired immediately on receipt of the application, which saves the customer's time.

In addition, it is the presence of a large number of plates, billets and products in stock, allows you to quickly and with a minimum mark to fulfill requests for very small amounts. Often the consumer for repair or restoration, or due to an error in the calculation of the amount of material required to purchase 1-2 tiles, a dozen pieces of paving stone and so on. N. Manufactures a small amount in the production is unprofitable. Expect a similar order for parallel production - long. And if you have stock waiting time and additional costs associated with the selection of only the relevant products and their individual packaging.

Below are some photos of the standard package of granite products:

Warehouse slabs, pavers and other granite products in St. Petersburg

Packing chipped granite pavers Revival 50 mm
Side stones 1GP sawn granite Vozrozdenie
Packing paving slabs of granite Kamennogorsk size 600x600x80 mm
Packed granite is about, substandard stone products
Paving slabs prices Factory
Warehouse chipped pavers Granite Zheltau