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Steps and ladders from a granite

Steps and ladders from a graniteHigh physical properties a granite, hardness and stability to external influences and temperature drops do this natural stone by one of the best materials for manufacturing of ladders and steps. From a granite ladders and steps forever allow to create durability of products.

more often ladders from a granite are created as an external interior of buildings that is besides connected with its physical durability characteristics. The thermo-processed granite gets a rough surface that allows to exclude sliding on granite ladders. The damp thermo-processed granite looks on especial and has received the name - "wet asphalt".

Experts of company PetroMramor will make under your order of a step and a ladder of the necessary size, color shades and an exclusive style, strict rectilinear or bent - radial. The polished surface of a natural stone gives a special kind ladder to interiors and creates an individual image of all interior. Granite ladders of light shades give Luxury kind, and black and especial red granite give a kind of monumentalism to a granite ladder. Order steps and ladders in the company PetroMramor. ATTENTION! If it is necessary for you quickly and it is free to calculate steps or dimensional from a stone, fill the short form the forward ordering.

The prices for separate kinds granite steps (Chinese gray G3) are presented in section stone Sales.

Some examples of our products:
Ladder granite, a deposit of Vozrozhdenie
Ladder granite, from granite Giallo Ornamental, Brazil
Ladder and plates of a paving from a granite of a deposit of Vozrozhdenuie
Ready granite steps in width of 350 mm, a deposit of Vozrozhdenie
Ladder from granite Balmoral Red, Finland
Ladder ensemble granite. Granite Balmoral Red, Finland.
Ladder from gabbro-diabase
Steps from a granite Mansurovsky
Installation of ladder from a gabbro-diabase
Steps the granite thermoprocessed
Steps and a ladder platform from a granite
Steps a curve from a granite Mansurovsky
Ladder from a granite the Dymovsky thermoprocessed
Ladder from a granite Suhovjazovsky
Ladder from the polished granite
Installation of steps from a granite