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Plate texture rock and chipped products from granite. Manufacture and sale

Wild stone texture of the rock slabs and chopped products production and sales
"Wild Stone" - a plate and bulk products from granite, having chopped the front surface. This may be as a front surface of the plate, so multiple surfaces of bulk products. Chipped surfaces can be well combined with the products and buchardirovannoy polished texture.

Cleaving stone - this is the first technology in stone processing, which took possession of mankind since the dawn of time. In ancient Rome, crushed stone with machined ends are widely used for wall cladding, and after a period of neglect, the Renaissance Product chipped texture regained popularity. Interestingly, the term "rust", "rustic" or "rustication", which means stone, especially granite, shaped on the sides with a rough outer surface chipped, now in Russian language only applies to the material it imitates.

So called plaster, cement, ceramics, as well as plaster and stucco, creating a simulation of "wild stone" with the treated perimeter, but not products of granite and other stones. In general, and after many millennia, crushed granite remains a popular material finishing, construction and landscaping. If ever crushed stone was the most affordable building material, but now, with the development of technologies for processing stone, it is often easier to make a sawn stone products than batters.

Cleaving granite still can not do without manual labor and very much depends on the individual characteristics of a field in general and a particular piece of stone.

Cookers invoice "rock» of granite are the most common type of products from the "wild stone". These can be quite thick plates with a thickness of 50-100 mm or more, and very thin plates with a thickness of 10 mm minimum thickness, above which rise the uneven terrain. At this very thin plate more difficult and more expensive to manufacture than thick. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to split a thin and a large plate of granite block. With a very large difference of height and thickness CHIPS products occurs not chipping, and the output lines of cleavage on the external plane. Thus only cleave angles blank top and / or bottom. In this regard, thin slabs with the texture rock falls after receiving a stab face sawing off from a massive preform, which is non-technological and costly process.