>Месторождения гранита

Field Carmen Red, granite

the Petrographic kind of a stone: granite.

Location field: Finland, Virolahti.

Note: Near a quarry mining developed and Carmen Red Karelia Red field. Red granites "Carmen Red" and "Karelia Red", refers to the kind of granite "rapakivi" and in appearance and physical properties are very similar. It is worth noting, for granite of the Alexander column (alexandriyskaya column) in St. Petersburg produced in the same area. In addition, in Finland there is a Deposit of red granite "Deposit Eagle Red (granite)", which in appearance and strength characteristics close to the granite deposits of Karelia Red and Carmen Red. Especially like look of granite products from these deposits during heat treatment or spot (Bouchard) surface treatment.

Representative of the company leading the development of a career in Russia: : LLC "Petromramor" directly buys blocks of red granite Carmen Red from the Finnish manufacturer for further processing on our own stone processing plants in St. Petersburg. br>
Mineral composition: the Mineralogical composition of granite Carmen Red deposits: the quartz – 42,4%, potassium feldspar – 37,8%, plagioclase – 16,0%, biotite – 2,9% – 1,0%. (*)

Extraction Method: Granit "Carmen Red" is mined by drilling and blasting method.

Main physico-mechanical properties of granite
Carmen Red (*)

   Average density, kg/m3 2 630
   The limit of compressive strength at EN_1926, MPa 176
   Tensile strength under bending according EN_12372, MPa 11,8
   The water absorption EN_13755, % 0,1
   Abrasion on EN_14157, mm 16
   The tensile strength of the socket under the tongue for EN_13364, N 2 450

Carmen Red granite is heat-treated
Carmen Red granite polished
Granite Carmen Red buchardirovannuju (spot treatment)
Slabs of red granite Carmen Red of Bouchard (spot treatment)
Bouchard of stairs made of red granite Carmen Red with profile end processing
Sawn paving stones of red granite Carmen Red heat-treated
The Bouchard surface texture (spot treatment) of red granite Carmen Red
Profiling "roll with the cutting ("tooth")" on the steps of red granite Carmen Red
Paving sawn-chipped red granite Carmen Red – chipped from the slab