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Certification of products of Petromramor granite for compliance with standarts

Certificates of compliance from 2015 Certification of products of Petromramor granite for compliance with standart
In the month of July 2015 was completed work for the voluntary certification of products from granite, manufactured stone processing plant LLC "Petromramor", to conform to State Standards. The certification audit was conducted for the Certification System GOST R of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology. The work was performed by certified expert organization OOO "MOSTEXPENSIVE" (reg. № ROSS RU.0001.11.AW).

Products from a natural stone Company "Petromramor" was checked for compliance with three major existing GOST 9480-2012, 32018-2012, 23342-2012 regulatory quality, assortment, labeling, packaging, acceptance rules, methods of quality control of products from natural granite.
  • GOST 9480-2012 "decorative tile-natural stone. The standard establishes requirements to the facing plates and slabs intended for the device outer and inner lining elements for buildings and facilities, floors, and also for processing on architectural and ritual articles. In the scope of GOST 9480-2012 are modular slabs, the slabs are of various sizes and thicknesses, dimensional slabs, small slabs, slab for "ventilated" facades (ventilated facades vis-?), alstomeria plates that serve as blanks for further processing and other natural stone products with a corresponding purpose.

  • GOST 32018-2012 "Products road construction natural stone. Standard defines requirements for the quality manufacturing side stones (also called "the curb" or "curb"), slabs, sawn, chipped and chopped-sawn blocks, and other products made of granite, used for paving of city squares, tramways, streets, pedestrian areas, entrance roads, garden paths, and also for the Department of streets, sidewalks, lawns.

  • GOST 23342-2012 "Products architectural natural stone. GOST 23342-2012 applies to architectural natural stone products, intended for decoration and protection from negative external factors of facades and interiors of buildings, elements of urban development and landscape architecture. Construction-building products from granite and marble are the steps and treads, solid massive stairs, kitchen countertops, window sills and flashings for Windows, columns, balustrades with handrails and balusters, vases and planters, trim, railings, pylons, Rostove stones, skim slabs, ground slabs, parapet plates, the stones of the castle, the stones of cord, cornices, skirting boards, balls, and other natural stone products.

More details and information about the scope of State Standards 9480-2012, 23342-2012, 32018-2012 and their features, and to download the state standards for the products of granite and marble in the section The state standard for the natural stone products from 2015.

Samples architeture construction, road-building products and facing slabs granite zheltau-1 Red, Zheltau-2 Yellow, Zheltau-9 (Jalgyz), Curtin, Kashina Gora, Ladoga, Baltic green, Baltic brown, Carmen Red, Karelia Red, Needles Red, Balmoral Red, Kuru grey, garnet amphibolite "Nigrosine", gabbro-diabase "Drugarice", Kamennogorsk, Revival, Mansurov, granosyenite "Baltic", Yelizovo, Dymovsky were selected and investigated in the Testing laboratory of LLC "MOSTEXPENSIVE" (accreditation certificate ROSS RU.0001.LT validity of 07.09.2016 years).

According to test results it was found that the products of granite produced in Vsevolozhsk stone processing plant LLC "Petromramor" fully complies with the requirements of State Standards GOST 9480-2012 "Plate facing natural stone", GOST 32018-2012 "Products road construction natural stone" and GOST 23342-2012 "Product architecture and construction of natural stone", and that was reflected in the test report No. 259/07-15 from 06.07.2015 Testing laboratory of LLC "MOSTEXPENSIVE". On the basis of the test report have been issued Certificates of Conformity of System of certification GOST R, confirming the high quality of products manufactured by the company "Petromramor".