Granite on the planet Earth

Granite on the planet Earth
The only planet in the solar system, which noted the presence of granite - the Earth. Granite (from the Latin granum - grain) - an igneous rock formed by the eruption of magma and its cooling cavities in the earth's crust at great depths. Masses of granite from hundreds to thousands of square meters are located on all continents, which determined its widespread use in construction and monumental architecture around the world.

Unlike most of rocks, consisting of one mineral, granite contains: 60-65% feldspar - sets granite background - white, gray, pink, yellow, red, green, brown, black, 20-30% quartz - blotches of dark gray to black in color, 10.5% of non-ferrous minerals: black and white mica, hornblende - dark brown crystals or green in color with a distinctive glass shine.

Risunok in granites mainly pyatnistyy Drawing mainly from granite spotted - grain crystals are arranged tightly and evenly. Although rare, there are granite with a striped pattern in alternating sections of stone of different mineral composition. The varieties of granite on the structure visually distinguishable: small-, medium-and coarse-grained, with grains up to 1 mm, 1-5 mm, and greater than 5 mm, respectively.

The average density of granite 2700.00 kg / m 3, the approximate weight of 1 m2 of granite products with thickness of 20 mm - 60 kg, 30 mm - 80 kg. Granites are treated abrasive, including diamond tools. Granite products are made with different texture surface treatment: polished, burnished, polished, sawn, heat-treated, buchardirovannoy, "rock."

Granites have low porosity from 1.0 to 3.3%, and low moisture absorption (less than 1%), so hardy and are widely used for exterior cladding works (facades, bases). Granite products for a long time does not collapse under the influence of environmental factors and retain the original appearance. Fine-grained granites are more durable (the first signs of failure occur through at least 650 years) than the coarse-grained (begin to break through at least 220 years).

Lining is made of granite and nakryvnye plate stage. Tensile strength of granite in compression of 90-250 MPa - each cm2 granite steps withstand weight up to 2.5 tons. Only plasticity of inferior marble granite, not less popular rock, a very different origin and composition. Low abrasion allows the use of granite paving in areas of heavy traffic (more than 100 persons per hour) - Sawn granite paving stone production and sale and Granite paving plates of streets and squares are for ages.

In addition to using granite for the exterior cladding of buildings and urban design in recent years there has been a significant expansion of its use for interior decoration, including the manufacture of kitchen worktops.