The photo gallery "Granite paving"

The photo gallery
In the photo gallery "Granite slabs paving, you can see additional photos that show various types of slabs of granite on the stages of production, transport packaging, in the process of paving and finished paving granite and improvement of sidewalks, pedestrian areas. All photos were taken on the basis of the work performed LLC Petrographer" in different cities of Russia.

Additional pages in the photo gallery you can find material on specific types of slabs, the most commonly used in Russia: sidewalk slabs of granite Revival, St., Ladoga, Mansurov, Baltic brown, gabbro-diabase, Dlugolecki. Also discussed issues related to the selection of the required thickness of the slabs, invoice processing face. Given the understanding of the specificity and diversity of the plates in a geometric form.

Please note that prices for the products of granite and marble on the Rates page on the stone, and the sales professionals LLC Petrographer" always ready to lend support, to check rates, availability of slabs in the warehouse or manufacturing time Contacts.

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Granite paving plates

Paving of the pedestrian area of paving slabs of granite Mansurov and gabbro-diabase Drugarice
Granite paving Baltic brown Baltic Brown from Finland
Paving slabs paving granite Dymovsky (field Baltic)
Slabs paving Mansurov granite 600х600х80 mm
The paving slabs of gray granite Vozrogdenie with heat treatment
Paving slabs paving granite grey Vozrogdenie
Paving paving slabs of gabbro-diabase with heat treatment
Paving termoobrabotannyj paving slabs of granite
Heat treated slabs of granite Ladoga for paving
Polished slabs of granite paving Vozrogdenie
Laying of heat-treated slabs of gray granite
Granite paving thermo granite Kamenogorskyi
Slab granite paving the Baltic 400х800х80 mm
Slabs paving, paving and cladding in granite Zheltau red
The paving slabs of granite Revival 600х1200х80 mm
Manufacture of curved slabs of granite for pedestrian areas
The paving slabs of red granite Balmoral Red thermo treated
The production of slabs and paving stone of red granite
Slabs paving curved granite fabrication and sale
The paving slabs of red granite Carmen Red
The paving slabs of red granite. Manufacture, sale and installation.
Paving slabs paving granite yellow
Buy paving slabs and paving stones of yellow granite Zheltau-2
Slab paving and paving slabs of red granite