Diplomas and thanks of the company

Diplomas and thanks of the company
Compliance of quality management system of JSC Petromramor to requirements of ISO 9001-2011

The Petromramor company pays close attention to quality of products, the performed works and interaction level with customers. The system of work of the company and effort of her employees are directed on that customers and buyers of production from natural granite and marble with the maximum convenience received the products demanded by it precisely in time and quality. Tell numerous reviews of consumers, awards and certificates about quality of work of JSC Petromramor. Quality of work, management and products passed certification.

Сертификат соответствия системы менеджмента качества ООО «ПетроМрамор» требованиям стандарта ГОСТ ISO 9001-2011Свидетельство о членстве ООО «ПетроМрамор» в Санкт-Петербургской торгово-промышленной палатеБлагодарность ООО «ПетроМрамор» от торгово-промышленной палаты Санкт-Петербурга
In June, 2015 Quality management system of JSC Petromramor in relation to works on are sharp, to processing, finishing of a stone and wholesale trade in granite and marble it was recognized conforming to requirements of the standard of GOST ISO 9001-2011 . Compliance to this standard means that the company constantly improves quality management and carries out a set of requirements that guarantees high quality of works and services, reliability of the enterprise as supplier and the partner.

The Petromramor company in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Petersburg

Since June, 2015 the Petromramor company is the member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Petersburg which is a part of the system of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Russia. The purpose of activity of Chamber of Commerce and Industry is every possible harmonization of relationship of business and society, introduction of the principles of civilized business and social responsibility of businessmen and improvement of business climate of the country.

Trademark of the Petromramor company

The Petromramor company conducts more than 14 years a successful production activity, continuously developing and being improved, increasing outputs and technological capabilities at preservation of a high level of quality. During this time the company gained wide popularity and reputation among producers of products from a natural stone, the construction organizations connected with use of natural granite and marble and private clients. In this regard the company developed the trademark which is used when marking products once again to confirm quality guarantees of the producer.

On January 16, 2012 the Certificate on the Petromramor trademark was received.

Participation of the Petromramor Company in the international exhibitions on a stone

The Petromramor company regularly participates in the professional exhibitions devoted to production, processing of a natural stone and application of products from it that is noted by a number of diplomas.

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