>Месторождения гранита

Granite fields

Fields (career) of granite of Russia, Kazakhstan and Finland - the review on color, tone, granularity
Granite – the natural rock which is widely applied to production of various products. Make materials for a paving of granite, facing, elements of interiors, table-tops, details of buildings and constructions, fountains, columns, benches and other small architectural forms, technological elements and many other things.

Besides high physicomechanical and operational properties, natural granite possesses also high decorative effect. There are many thousands of fields of granite differing in the color and drawing of a stone, granularity, existence of an irisation and other parameters. It allows to pick up a type of granite or a combination of grades of a natural stone for the solution of any design task, using not only a color factor, but also all completeness of decorative features for application in architecture and construction. Our production company can make products practically of any grade of the granite developed in the world. Thus, for ensuring the smallest price and terms of production in combination with high quality, we try to make production, independently carrying out all production cycle from preprocessing of the granite block before production of a final product. For this purpose we directly buy and we transport granite blocks from fields of Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.

The list of directory articles about the main fields with which developers we constantly cooperate is given below. We remind that the final choice of a stone nevertheless is recommended to be made in the presence of a real sample of granite. Any picture or video, any monitor change color of object a little and aren't capable to transfer many visual effects of a natural stone. You can see granites of following fields with different invoices of processing of a surface at our office Contacts or we can send separate samples a courier service of delivery.