International exhibition "INDUSTRY of the STONE" 2017

International exhibition
"The INDUSTRY of the STONE" is a new name of the international EKSPOKAMEN exhibition which for the first time took place in the 1999th year.

Within 17 years the exhibition held in Moscow proved as the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe and one of significant actions in the world in the field of production and processing of a natural stone.

"the INDUSTRY of the STONE" is an annual place of meetings of representatives of firms of Russia, the CIS and more than 20 countries of the world working in the field of production and processing of a natural stone, and their clients - representatives of the kamnedobyvayushchy and kamneobrabatyvayushchy industry, builders, architects, designers, professionals in the field of town planning and municipal economy, artists, restorers, employees of ritual services, etc.

The companies traditionally participate in an exhibition from the leading countries of world production of a stone — Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, China, Turkey, etc. — that shows recognition of Russia as one of the leading countries in the field of production, processing and consumption of a natural stone, an important component of the world market.

The new name — "The INDUSTRY of the STONE" – reflects comprehensive character of an exhibition and its correlation to all industry of a natural stone including as this unique natural material in blocks, the slebakh, plates, products and so forth, and the equipment for production and processing of a natural stone, the tool, means for leaving and preservation of a stone and so forth.

Sections of an exhibition:
  • GEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION - the Equipment and technologies of geological investigation of fields of a natural stone.
  • DEVELOPMENT of FIELDS - Technology of development of fields of a facing and wall stone, the equipment used for overburden works, production and dredging of blocks, cleaning of waste.
  • NONMETALLIC FIELDS - Technologies and the equipment for development of nonmetallic fields (on crushed stone and PGS). Production of decorative crushed stone, decorative sand and microcalcite.
  • DRILLING-AND-BLASTING RABOTYNA pits of facing and nonmetallic materials, methods and means, safety measures.
  • The STONE IN ARCHITECTURE - the Natural stone in architecture, city improvement and interior design.
  • FACING STONE. PRODUCTS. FACING WORKS - Technologies and the equipment for production of a facing stone. Facing products from a natural stone (plates, architectural and construction products, stacked and onboard stones, etc.) and on its basis (the plates agglomerated products from waste, etc.). Facing works.
  • The TOOL FOR PROCESSING of the NATURAL STONE - Diamond, abrasive, hard-alloy, etc.
  • LEAVING AND PRESERVATION of the STONE - Chemical means on leaving and preservation of a stone – impregnations, mastics, konsolidant, crystallizers, amplifiers of color, synthetic wax, etc.
  • RESTORATION WORKS - Technologies of restoration works, preservation of a stone.
  • The ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS connected with use of a stone (new construction, repair and restoration works, a reconstruction of historical and cultural monuments)
  • INFORMATION - Special literature, the branch press.
  • ECOLOGY - Environmental protection, recultivation.

Dates of the INDUSTRY of the STONE exhibition from June 27 to June 30, 2017. Venue location: Moscow, Mira Avenue, вл. 119, ENEA, pavilion No. 75, hall "A". Organizer: "Expodizayn RA".
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stonefair@expo-design.ru, stone@expo-design.ru