Stone sales

Company "PetroMramor" carries out regular sales of half-finished products for shaped products from a natural stone ( Steps and ladders, Window sills ), and as sale of the business rests of processing a granite and marble.

Realization of products is conducted with industrial a warehouse ( Manufacture ). Now are on sale:

n/n the Product the Invoice the Size In a warehouse Price[rub]
1 The Tile granite "Vozrozhdenie" термо 300x600x20 mm 600 sq.m. 2110
2 Steps granite "Tan Brown" термо 350xпрx30 mm 700 sq.m. 3500
3 The tile granite "Tan Brown" термо 300x600x20 mm 450 sq.m. 2200
4 The tile Granite Crystal Grey, thermal processing, China (G603), a granite Chinese grey термо 300x600x20 mm 1500 sq.m. 1500
5 Steps Granite Crystal Grey, thermal processing, China (G603), a granite Chinese grey термо 350xпрx30 mm 300 sq.m. 2500

Realization of the business rests. Neformatnye the rests arise at all stages of processing of a natural stone - sawings up of granite and marble blocks on plates ( Steps and ladders ), polishings of plates of a granite and marble, format cuttings of the polished plates, thermal processing, shaped processing of profiles. Qualitative пиленные and the polished rests can be used in Granite paving plates paths, creation of mosaics from a natural stone to serve as a half-finished product for manufacturing of products of smaller formats. More rough rests - granite crusts and granite окол represent an excellent material for zero cycles of building. Large dimensional crusts find application as the bases and the bases to small architectural forms. Samples and quotations of current sales of the business rests of a natural stone are more low presented.
The business rests sawing and the polished granite and marble
Sub-standard waste, granite and marble scraps, granite fight
Dimensional granite crusts and crusts of a gabbro-diabase
Stone of a granite for works of a zero cycle at building
The granite rest in boxes on 300 rub for square metre

Quotations on preparations of a granite in width 300-600 mm for manufacturing bigest products are presented in section Stone prices.
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