The prices of modular granite tiles, facing slabs and strips of granite with a thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm

The prices of modular granite slab, facing slabs and strips of granite with a thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm sawn, honed, polished, polished and heat-treated texture of the front surface in rubles per square meter are shown in the table below.

Prices include loading product into customer trucks at the warehouse of Company Petromramor in Vsevolozhsk or delivery to the buyer on the action "Free shipping of products from granite to Russia".

Buy plates facing facade of granite.
The following is the actual price of modular granite tile thickness 20 and 30 mm polished, heat treated, polished, honed and sawn texture with dimensions (300; 350; 400) x (300; 350; 400; 600), strip size (300; 350; 400; 600) x (arbitrary length) in the volume of the products of the same dimension of 20 sqm, either with a smaller volume in the presence of this position in the warehouse.

PRICE list 01.10.2015 G. at the strip and facing
slabs made of granites brought from Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland

Prices on modular plate, strip and blanks not edged out of
granite (price rubles per 1 sq. m., including VAT 18%)
№ p/p Field 20 mm 30 mm
1 Gabbro-diabase (Karelia), Baltic brown 4 110 4 760
2 Kashina Gora, Ladoga 4 010 4 490
3 Zheltau-2 yellow, Zheltau-9 (Zhalgyz), Zheltau-1 red 3 340 3 740
4 Dymovsky, Renaissance, Mansurov, Kamennogorsk 3 340 3 740
5 Balmoral Red, Kuru grey 4 640 5 420
6 Eagle Red, Carmen Red (Karelia Red) 4 870 5 710
7 Baltic green (Baltic forest) 5 080 6 000
Plates facing from granite Dymovsky heat-treated with a thickness of 20 mm and a width of 600 mm
Modular facade slabs of granite Zheltau-9 (Zhalgyz) polished with a thickness of 20 mm
Price - 3720 rubles/sq.m.
Facing the facade of the building with polished slabs of Kurtinsky granite and 30 mm thick
Stripes from the polished Zheltau-2 Yellow granite in a warehouse in St. Petersburg
Modular slabs from Zheltau-1 granite Red 600x600 and 300x600 mm with a thickness of 20 mm
Facing with granite slabs Revival and gabbro-diabase Drugoletsky