The state standard for the natural stone products from 2015

The state standard for the natural stone products from 2015
In production, use in the construction and operation of natural stone products often raises the question of what normative-technical base is governed by the quality of natural stone and manufactured products. The main documents regulating the requirements to the products of natural stone and raw materials used in its production, are the State Standards (GOST).

Today in Russia there are 4 international standard relating to products made of granite, marble, limestone and other rocks used in modern construction.

GOST 9479-2011 "Blocks of rocks for the production of tiles, architectural, memorial and other products"

Effective from 01 October 2012. The scope of GOST 9479-2011 refers to the blocks of rocks, that is the primary raw material for the manufacture of products from a natural stone. The standard defines blocks of rocks, establishes requirements for geometrical sizes, the size of projections and depressions, the rules for determining the commercial unit volume, the gradation of the blocks into categories depending on the volume, determines the physical and mechanical properties must meet the rocks, from which are made the blocks, marking procedures, testing and acceptance of the units. GOST 9479-2011 necessary, first of all, producers and consumers of blocks of granite and marble. Actual this GOST and consumers of granite products, as guest of the architectural and construction products and GOST facing plates from a natural stone refer to the standard 9479-2011 in the requirements for physical and mechanical properties of rocks.