>Месторождения гранита

Kurdajsky (granite)

The Petrographic kind of a stone: a granite.
A deposit Site Kurdajsky: Kazakhstan. The sawing and granite processing Kurdajsky it is carried out on manufacture Companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
Mineral structure (%): a plagioclase 20, potassium feldspar 33, quartz 37, a biotite of 5 %, a magnetite 2.
Physicomechanical properties: The average density of 2600 [kg/m3], water absorption of 0.27 %, strength at compression 101 [МPа], porosity of 0.49 % to rub 0.18 [g/sm2], Resistance to blow of 60 [sm], frost resistance of 100 cycles.
Features of appearance: the granite Kurdajsky has average and fine-grained structure. Color of a granite - red, rozovato-red. Some deviations from primary color are possible. The fine-grained structure of the Kurdajsky granite provides The raised durability and resistibility to aeration, excellent frost resistance.
The Scope: facing materials for facades, facing by a granite tile a porch and socles, at manufacturing Steps and ladders, for a paving in a city accomplishment and landscape gardening, pedestals monuments. In internal interiors the Kurdajsky granite is used for facing of floors and ladders. The invoice of a facing tile and paving plates: polished, glossy, The thermoprocessed.
Use Examples a granite Kurdajsky: floors in shopping centers in Moscow, socles of a monument of glory and a museum of arts of Kazakhstan in Almaty.
Plate facing Kordai from a granite
Polishing of granite parapets Kurdajsky
Plates sawing from a granite Kurdajsky
Tile granite Kurdajsky the polished