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Balmoral Red (granite)

Open-cast mine arrangement: Finland.
Stone kind: a granite.
Physical and mechanical properties :
Density of a granite of 2702 kg/m3.
Absorption of water by a material of 0.21 %.
Strength at compression 210 МPа.
Hardness of a granite of 5.8 Moos.

Note: Granite blocks under the commercial name Balmoral Red from Finland to Russia comes mainly from two quarries. As all career producing blocks Balmoral Red are arranged on a single array, and the stone mined in them are very similar in appearance and physical-mechanical properties. The most complete information about the properties of granite is provided by the company Palin Granit Oy, therefore, the properties of granite Balmoral Red Balmoral with her career at Red No. 5 in Taivassalo are given as typical. For other quarries physico-mechanical properties and mineralogical composition may vary slightly. Illustrative material for stone:

Balmoral Red granite is heat-treated
Balmoral Red granite polished
Balmoral Red granite of Bouchard (spot treatment)
Polished Balmoral Red granite used in the memorial complex
Fabrication of columns with flutings of red granite Balmoral Red
Decorative products made of granite Balmoral Red warehouse in Saint-Petersburg
Polished Slab of red granite Balmoral Red 30 mm thick
Polished columns of red granite Balmoral Red
Cut red granite Balmoral Red, plate disc machine

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