How to bring the very stone from China

How to bring the very stone from China Want to bring a stone from China itself, without markups and middlemen? It is very easy and simple, and most importantly - cheap. Do not believe me? Let me share with you the experience and give a few tips that may prove useful for you.

For example, try to bring a 20-foot container of polished slabs of granite popular in Russia, G603 (aka Country Music, White Bella - Bella White, Royal White - Royal White, Crystal Gray, etc.) 300h600h20mm size.

I draw your attention to the fact that many retailers are imported into Russia slab thickness of 18 mm. The price of such boards in China is almost the same as the standard plate thickness 20 mm, but thinner, you can save a couple extra dollars for shipping, loading the container with the same transport costs by 40 meters plate more. You, if you want you can do the same. However, if you are carrying plates to order, it is best to agree on reducing the thickness of the end customer, as well as the thickness of 18 mm is rare.

Now let us consider in detail the financial implications of the scheduled delivery. When fully loaded with 20 tons of container to be placed in a 350 square meters of tiles 20 mm thick.

Here is a preliminary estimate of delivery:
    The cost of granite slabs
  1. G603 in China EXW: $ 3500 (350 SQM x 10 $)
  2. Freight cost: $ 2000 - 2600
  3. Payments transport agent: $ 300 - 400
  4. Hygienic certification of imported goods: $ 500 - 700
  5. Payment of duties, customs clearance: $ 700 - 800
  6. payment of customs broker services: $ 800 - 1000
  7. Transportation costs for the export of container from the TSW: $ 700 - 800
  8. Additional costs: $ 500
Total $ 9000 - 10300

Chinese mosaic of marble