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The opening of the exhibition «Stone Industry» is nearing in Moscow
23.03.2018: The opening of the exhibition «Stone Industry» is nearing in Moscow
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We are pleased to announce our participation, which has become traditional, in the upcoming annual international exhibition of stone, stone-mining and stone-working technologies and tools in Moscow. This year, the "Stone Industry" will be held at the beginning of April from 3.04 to 6.04 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Pavilion No. 75. The exhibition will be held for the 18th time. Perhaps you are more familiar with its former name - Expocamen. Today specialists from all over Russia and from 20 countries of the world who are professionally working with natural stone will gather at the same site as usual. All aspects of this multifaceted area will be presented, beginning with the preparation of geological exploration, and ending with the aesthetics of the finished products and the means of caring for it. The company "PetroMramor" invites to visit our stand B07.

The deposit of the Kurdai red granite
21.03.2018: The deposit of the Kurdai red granite
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On our site an article about the red granite deposit Kurdaiskoe (Kordayskoye) from Kazakhstan has been updated. The paper presents the physical and mechanical characteristics of granite and data on the specific effective activity of natural radionuclides. Due to the fact that there is no stable supply of granite from the Kurdai field to Russia in significant quantities, recommendations are given for replacing the similarly and closely related Zheltau Red granite deposit. You can read the article by clicking on the link Kurdajsky (granite).

The 18th International Exhibition Xiamen Stone Fairents (China)
06.03.2018: The 18th International Exhibition Xiamen Stone Fairents (China)
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The 18th international exhibition Xiamen Stone Fairents (China, Xiamen), which was held from 6 to 9 March 2018, opened. Xiamen Stone Fairents is one of the world%27s largest sites dedicated to the extraction, processing and use of natural stone and the equipment and materials used. Also at the exhibition there are variants of artificial stone and ceramics, imitating a stone. Annually the exhibition gathers several thousand exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors interested in natural and artificial stone. Visitors and exhibitors can get acquainted with the equipment for the stone-mining and stone-processing industry, see samples of natural stone offered from around the world and products from them, obtain information about tools and materials for stone processing and care. At the same time, the scientific and practical conference World Stone Congress 2018 dedicated to all aspects of the extraction, processing and application of natural and artificial stone will operate in the framework of the exhibition.

A batch of fully sawed granite pavers
21.11.2017: A batch of fully sawed granite pavers
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At the Vstavolozhsky Stone-Processing Plant No. 2 commissioned, a batch of granite cobblestones made of granite Zheltau-1 Krasny and Dymovsky (Baltic) granosyenite was made. Full-granite granite pavers with dimensions of 100x200x50 mm with external simplicity of production requires strict observance of technological regulations when cutting slabs on products.

New arrivals of red granite blocks from Kazakhstan
17.11.2017: New arrivals of red granite blocks from Kazakhstan
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Another block of granite blocks from Kazakhstan arrived. In particular, blocks of the Zheltau-11 Red granite deposit were purchased. This deposit, with a similar stone pattern, is characterized by a more saturated red color compared to the traditionally supplied Zheltau-1 Red granite. The
In the same consignment of granite blocks, blocks were delivered from Kazakhstan and the warehouse stock on granites Zheltau-1 Red, Zheltau-2 Yellow, Kurtinsky brown and blocks of a new field of light gray-beige granite Surtas.
The cost of granite blocks can be specified in The price list on blocks of 2017, and the prices for products can be found by contacting the sales department Contacts.

A batch of non-standard bead stones and parapets was shipped
14.11.2017: A batch of non-standard bead stones and parapets was shipped
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At the Vsevolozhsk Stone-Processing Plant No. 2 (VKZ-2), launched in August of 2017, the largest for non-standard side stones and parapets, the first for this site, was manufactured and shipped to the customer. According to the buyer%27s specification, side stones were made from the Kazakh gray-pink granite Zhalgiz (Zheletau-9) with a non-standard cross-section with a bevel 30x150 mm and heat treatment of chamfer and top.
At the same granite curb was processed to the full height, which allowed using it and as side stones, partially submerged in asphalt, and as parapets completely open from the sides. Both rectilinear bead stones and curvilinear (local) stones with different radii of curvature from R = 1.5 m to R = 8.0 m were produced.

Production of granite water intake grids
10.11.2017: Production of granite water intake grids
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The company "PetroMramor" continues to constantly expand the range of manufactured products made of granite. Recently, the technology of inexpensive and high-quality serial production of drainage water intake grilles made of granite for gutters was developed. For water disposal before that, water intake bowls and trays were regularly manufactured, and for the first time, our specialists faced the task of mass production of drainage grilles made of granite. Despite the unconventionality of the task and the need to minimize the price of the product, the order was completed on time and with high quality, which once again confirmed the high qualifications of specialists of the stone-working company PetroMramor.

Release of granite paving slabs
07.11.2017: Release of granite paving slabs
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In the construction season of 2017, paving slabs of granite of various sizes and thicknesses are in great demand. Our company since August 2017 due to the launch of Vsevolozhsk Stone-Processing Plant No. 2 (VKZ-2) has significantly increased its production capabilities for the production of paving slabs.
Particularly in great demand are paving slabs made of granite Dymovsky (Baltic), Ala Noskua, Zeltau Red, Zheltau Yellow, Surtas and Kurtinskiy due to the unique price offer for these types of products - Pictures of paving slabs and landscaping.
For general information on paving slabs, see Granite paving plates