Pictures on stairs, steps, balusters and balustrades of marble and granite

Natural granite and marble is increasingly used in domestic interiors, including the design of the porch, the stairs are constructed on open spaces. Also widely used facing granite and marble steps of the internal staircases. In the most expensive interiors, in addition to the coating of stairs, use railings balusters and railings, marble and granite, called a balustrade.

The company "Petromramor" in their own stone processing factory in Vsevolozhsk produces tread and podstupenki for coating of stairs, railings and balusters to railings, granite and marble of different shapes with all types of edge processing and end for individual orders.

Orders are accepted for any party, ranging from a single product. For decoration and construction of marble or granite stair porch Company "Petromramor" offers ready granite steps and whole (massive) steps made of granite, with prices that can be found in sections Prices for finished granite steps and stairs and Price massive granite steps.

Buy ladders, steps, railings, risers and balusters of granite and marble, learn the prices and production time, to get advice on material selection, installation and operation, please contact with the specialists of sales Department stone processing company "Petromramor" Contacts.

That would help the buyer to understand cost facing of steps of polished granite, we provide the price of going from granites of Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan the most common length of 1300 mm and width 350 mm, tailor-made.

Pictures on stairs, steps, balusters and balustrades of marble and granite

Steps of a ladder and facing of a floor from polished granite Imperial White - Imperial White (India)
Staircase lined with polished marble Galal (Egypt). Lukalny treads with processing of an end face and risers
Spiral staircase with marble steps, processing of the ends and holes for the railing. Marble - Rose Belissimo (Turkey)
Balusters made of granite with a height of 500 mm and a trunk diameter of 140 mm. Price - from 3,500 to 15,000 rubles each
Staircase made of polished steps and risers made of granite by Jialo Ornamental (Brazil), 30 mm thick and 350 mm wide
Ladder from the polished steps and risers from gray granite the Vozrogdenie, the front polished plates