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Manufacture and sale of
chipped granite pavers
in St. Petersburg

Granite paving stone - a small granite products having cuboid shape, the shape of a truncated pyramid and parallelepiped. Chopped granite pavers used for landscaping and paving roadways, sidewalks, pedestrian areas. In addition to the rectangular upper face can be trapezoidal, octagonal and other shapes to create complex composite solutions.

Chopped granite paving - the most popular material used in road construction since Roman times to the present day. Some roads, squares and streets paved with cobbled stone thousands of years ago, in operation to date. In many historical cities in Europe existing granite bridge, which paved the hundreds and even thousands of years ago and give the city landscape unique charm.

In past centuries, granite paving stone as a building material because of its high cost, was available only to a very wealthy and influential cities. Today, thanks to advances in technology working stone, paving stone has become a product available to the mass consumer, while maintaining an aura of strength, permanent and well-being. In modern construction, granite paving stone used for paving public squares, streets, pedestrian areas and sidewalks, both separately and in conjunction with paving slabs. Private consumers are not related town planning regulations, find it dozens of the most diverse applications: traditional paving patios, garden paths, playgrounds for motor vehicles and other areas. Also pave pavement wall drainage channels, hills slopes, floors arbors, fences etc.

Due to its advantages, granite paving continues to be one of the most popular materials in paving, despite increasing competition from modern artificial materials. By its advantages are unquestionable durability. The service life of the bridge of granite pavers measured by centuries.

Producing granite paving of different varieties, you can get the product of wide color spectrum - black, yellow, gray, brown, white, pink, green, and so on. D., And create complex multi-color drawings paving. Also, compared with other materials of small-size for paving, it should be noted high resistance to abrasion granite stone blocks and different types of contamination. Thousands of passing over the years, and people passing through the cobbled pavement bridge machines do not affect its performance properties.

The use of small paving elements, including granite paving stones, makes it relatively easy to carry out their styling. It is easy to solve the problem of uneven terrain and complex geometry of contiguity to the buildings, manholes, drains. The large number of stitches, using the correct stacking technology allows rainwater to soak into the soil without forming puddles on the sidewalk.

Due to its small size, under the same operating conditions, it is possible to use paving stones of lesser thickness than the large-format plates, without destroying the cover when traveling on them vehicles and road equipment.

In the absence of a common terminology when naming types of granite paving stones by different manufacturers, you can find a large enough list of the names of the product and its types: granite paving stones cobbled, small-sized stones, etc.