The price of imported slabs from granite and marble in St. Petersburg

A large warehouse of imported slabs of granite and marble with a thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm with a different texture of processing the front surface operates at the production warehouse of the PetroMramor company in St. Petersburg (Vsevolozhsk) for the needs of its own production and for customers. Slabs of imported granite and marble are much more expensive than domestic ones and are used for the manufacture of products for interior and interior decoration in the case when semi-finished products and products made of granite and marble of Russia, Kazakhstan and Finland are not suitable for their decorative properties or a specific decorative solution is required. material. The ability to choose from thousands of existing various types of granite or marble allows you to choose exactly the color and pattern of natural stone, which is required by the customer.

Buy slabs of granite and marble imported.
The company has a large selection of granite and marble slabs with a thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm from Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, Egypt, Turkey and other countries of the world: Atlantic Cream, Bianco Romano, Bete White, Black Bengal, White Galaxy or White Galaxy, Verde Bahia, Volga Blue, Giallo Vicenza, Golden Chocolate, Giallo Ornamentale ), Kashmir White, Madura Gold, New Veneziano Gold, Paradiso Bash, Star Galaxy or Black Galaxy, Emeral Emerald Pearl, Bianco Carrara, Breccia Sardo, Giallo Atlantida, Emperador Dark, Crema Marfil, Rosso Roma De Rosa (Emperador Dark), Crema Marfil, Rosso Verona Roma (Roma) Rosa Verfida Levanto (Rosso Levanto), Rosso Supreme (Rosso Supreme), Forest Green (Forest Green), Crema Oro (Krema Oro), Rosso or Rojo Alicante, Galala (Galala) and others.

PRICE LIST from 04/01/2018. on imported granite and marble slabs
20 mm and 30 mm thick are made in Italy,
Spain, Brazil and other countries

Prices for non-edged imported slabs with a polished texture
front surface (price of rubles per 1 sq. m., including 18% VAT)
No. Mine Thickness 20 mm Thickness 30 mm
1 Zhialo Ornamental, New Veneziano Gold, Atlantic Crim, Zhialo Vincenza,
other Brazilian granites
9 000 - 11 000 12 000 - 14 000
2 Indian Brown Granite 7 700 9,450
3 Golden Flakes, Golden Chocolate Granite from 16,450 -
4 Bianca Carrara CD, Brechia Sardo NF, Rosso Verona, Rosso Suprim,
other Italian marbles
9 000 - 12 000 12 000 - 16 000
5 Gialo Atlantis (Egypt), marble 7 020 7,800
6 Imperador Dark top grade, other elite Spanish marbles - 18,720

The table shows the prices of imported slabs of marble and granite, constantly available in stock in large quantities. The full list of available slabs with polished, heat-treated, sawn, polished, polished and under the "antique" front surface of natural stone is much wider and constantly changing, and therefore is not given on the site. Due to the high volatility of the exchange rate, with significant changes in the exchange rate of the ruble / Eur and ruble/$, prices for imported slabs may change. For pricing and availability of the required type of granite or marble slabs with the necessary surface treatment, please contact the sales department immediately before purchase.

For those who want to save, PetroMramor LLC offers to purchase business remnants of imported granite and marble at 6,500 rubles per square meter. Business balances are whole slabs and parts of slabs with a total area of ??less than 5 m2, that is, conditional products, the volume of which is limited. This offer allows you to purchase much more expensive granite or marble with a big discount and significantly save on material for the manufacture of products or cladding.

On 02/15/2018, there are business balances:
- granite: Verde Costa Smeralda, Star Galaxy, Silver Rain, Sunset Gold, Sapphire Brown, Emerald Pearl, Mongolia Black, Crystal Gray.
- marble: Biancon antique, Bottichino, Grigio Karnik, Imperador, Crema Valencia, Crema Gold, Nero Marquino, Orient White, Radika antique, Tipo Bardiglio, Travertine.

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