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Tactile slabs of granite

Tactile slabs of granite - a band of granite certain color and pattern embossing allows the visually impaired to recognize the types of road or floor covering through the touch of the feet, a cane or using remaining vision, and serves as a means of displaying information. Tactile plates are used to transfer the visually impaired people information to help navigate on the street, on the road and in public buildings, warning about the dangers and obstacles.

In recent years, attention has increasingly focused on creating an accessible environment for disabled people and other people with limited mobility. The country has a program of the Federal program "Accessible environment". In the framework of this programme and to facilitate orientation of visually impaired people in towns, villages and other settlements and public buildings are increasingly equipped with tactile plates that help to Orient in space and hazard warning.

Requirements ground and floor tactile plates described in GOST R 52875-2007 "Pointers tactile ground for the visually impaired". According to the standard for tactile plates high demands on wear resistance and resistance to mechanical stress, as the life signs shall not be less than the lifetime of the adjacent cover. Given that the surface of the tactile plate weakened by grooves and samples, the choice of material for tactile index plates is particularly acute. One of the most wear-resistant and durable materials for paving granite is a natural, therefore, when choosing a material for tactile plates it is used more often. However, natural granite, with a wide selection of different types of granite, it is possible to vary the color of the granite tactile slabs in a wide range.

It is possible to make tactile signs of black, gray, red, yellow, pink, green, brown or multi-colored granites. For example, even only the most common fields of Russia give a wide selection of colors: dark grey granite St., grey granite Revival, light gray granite Mansurov (almost white), pink-gray granite Ala-Noska, brown Kashina Gora, red-brown granosyenite Dymovsky, the Baltic and Yelizovo, black gabbro-diabase Dlugolecki, rose red granite Ladoga. If this list to add small deposits of Russia, imported granites of Kazakhstan, Finland, Ukraine and other countries, the color choice is almost unlimited.

Tactile slabs of granite