>Изделия из камня

Production - granite & marble

In the modern world the scope of a natural stone is extremely wide: from facing plates for a floor and front elements of structures to various house or office accessories. Products from a natural stone have indefatigable demand on two cores the reason - durability and grace. Monumentalism a granite and a live surface colour natural marble , firmness to humidity, differences of temperatures, durability to loadings allow to use a natural stone practically everywhere. Company "Петромрамор" offers the clients wide scale of qualitative products from a natural stone and the services connected with application marble and a granite :

  • individual products rectilinear and лекальной forms;
  • granite and marble facing plates ;
  • volume products - columns, балясины, vases, spheres, eaves, platbands;
  • granite a stone blocks , Granite paving plates, бордюрный a stone;
  • protection and restoration of the worn out stone floors and steps ;
  • facing and installation works;
  • machine tools and the equipment for stone processing;
  • consulting services in sphere manufactures on stone processing;
  • preparation and retraining of experts in stone processing.
Some examples of our products:

Ladder granite Imperial White, India
Ladder marble Rosso Belissimo, Turkey
Window sills from granite Ivory Brown, India.
Pilasters of granite Baltic brown
Floors mosaic, a private interior.
Portal and socle from a granite, private clinic.
Table-top kitchen, a private interior.
Table-top from marble of Serpenjante
Mosaic panel from marble Breccia Sarda Italy, Bianca Carrara Italy, Rosso Verona Italy, Crema Valencia Spain

Examples of our projects: