>Архитектурно-строительные требования ГОСТ по граниту Жельтау (ГОСТ 23342-2012)

Compliance granites Zheltau requirements "Products architectural natural stone"

From 01.01.2014 entered into force the revised GOST 23342-2012 "Products architectural natural stone". To scope the GOST 23342-2012 include all architectural-building products from a natural stone for forming of the system of decoration and protection from external impacts of facades and interiors of buildings and structures, elements of landscape architecture and urban improvement: the window sills and kitchen countertops, balustrades, balusters, railings and steps, columns, stone border and castle, architraves and sills, parapets, pylons, rocks and the ground plates, bowls and rostovye stones, plinths and cornices, vases and planters, garden benches, urns, constraints of travel and other products from granite, marble and other natural stones. Most types of architectural products are operated under the influence of negative factors (freeze/thaw, precipitation, anti-icing agents, various contaminants and mechanical effects.

Therefore, to raw materials for the manufacture of architectural products must meet strict requirements for strength and durability. In the standard 23342-2012 contains a requirement that raw materials used to manufacture architectural products, must meet strength and durability requirements of granite blocks, set out in the standard 9479-2011 "Blocks from rocks for manufacture of facing, architectural-building, memorial and other products".

Compare the requirements for strong rocks, is given in GOST 9479-2011, which should correspond to the raw material for the manufacture of architectural products, and the actual indices of the array of granites Zheltau (Republic of Kazakhstan) the most popular deposits Zheltau-1 Red Zheltau-2 and Zheltau Yellow-9 (trade name "Zhalgyz"):

The comparison shows that the granites Zheltau group fully comply with the requirements of the State Standard requirements for raw materials for the production of architectural products and can be used for the manufacture of all types of architectural products. In addition, the characteristics of the granites Zheltau significantly better than the requirements of state standard and meet the strictest criteria regarding granites, operating under adverse weather conditions and a high degree of mechanical action The granites zheltau according to the requirements of 32018-2012 «Product road-building from a natural stone».

Thus, it should be noted that granites Zheltau-1 Red Zheltau-2 and Zheltau Yellow-9 ("Zhalgyz") belong to class I of the specific effective activity of natural radionuclides, which allows to apply them in all areas of construction, landscaping and finishing without restrictions by the radiation factor according to SanPiN "Hygienic requirements to limit public exposure from sources of ionizing radiation".

Due to its colors scarce for Russia warm red, pink, yellow and beige tones, and good mechanical performance, high quality units available price and the availability of large warehouse units in St. Petersburg "Sale granite blocks" massif granites Zheltau more and more widely used stone processing enterprises of Russia for production of architectural-building products from a natural stone.

Architectural-building products made of grey granite Vozrozhdenie
A set of kitchen countertops with backsplash, sink cutout and cooktop
Memorial wall the memorial complex of gray and red granite