Interpretations of a natural stone

Stone application in an interior has exclusively an old story. From crude blocks to jeweler the processed modern tile the distance in some millenia lies. A stone including as the finishing material, has been claimed always, without dependence from an epoch and style. Time differently opened its possibilities, finding all new treatments. Our days not an exception: the stone takes of a position of one of the most popular ways of registration of space and fairly associates with the most fashionable tendencies in art of creation of an interior. Additional data - The use of natural stone in the road construction and improvement of St. Petersburg

Inspiration from nature

  Of all the variety of natural stone rocks, granite and marble remain the most popular types for interior decoration. The first has a reputation as one of the hardest rocks, so it is actively used to create flooring, stair steps, tabletops and other surfaces that have to withstand considerable loads. Marble, as the breath of nature, evokes a sense of delight with a range of shades of marble and fascinates with its beauty and plasticity of forms.