Prices of granite blocks granite Zheltau, Jalgyz and Mansurov in St. Petersburg

The company "Petromramor" sells granite blocks from Kazakhstan with the warehouse in Vsevolozhsk. Our company is the General partner of the largest producer of granite blocks in Kazakhstan - LLP "Corporation "Kathrani" for the sale of granite blocks in the North-West region. In stock in St Petersburg has a large stock of granite blocks category I (more than 5.0 m3) and II (over 2.0 m3 up to 5.0 m3 inclusive) fields:
• Zheltau-1 Red
• Zheltau-2 Yellow
• Zheltau-9, trade name "Zhalgyz". Gray-pink.
• Mansurovsky light grey (white)

The price of blocks of granite Zheltau-1 red Zheltau-2 yellow, Zheltau-9 Jalgyz categories I and II – 25 000 rubles/cubic meters including VAT 18%. Price Mansurovsky granite blocks categories I and II – 28 000 rubles/cubic meters including VAT 18%. Prices are for shipment from a warehouse in St. Petersburg with regard to loading customer trucks. Units are available on railway platforms directly from the quarry to railway station of buyer. In this case, price of granite blocks is calculated individually, based on cost of delivery.

The stock more than 1,500 cubic meters of these blocks of fields in Kazakhstan in different sizes allows you to choose units suitable for any product and manufacture almost any volume batch production. The warehouse is constantly updated with receipts of raw materials from Kazakhstan to maintain minimum balance and safeguarding needs of customers.

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