Delivery to Russia

All customers products from a granite and marble Company Petromramor suggests to use our services for the delivery of products from granite and marble in any point of Russia and CIS countries. the

You no longer have to decide logistics issues, to find out shipping prices, negotiate with carriers to enter into an agreement with them. Simply order your products from natural stone company "Petromramor" and agreed to take the day finished products at the specified address. the

In this case, You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices for delivery, because the service for the selection of the most cost effective carrier in your city is free and we do not make money on shipping. Our main goal is to create the most convenient conditions of supply for our customers. To use our services for the delivery or pick up my carrier is entirely the choice of the buyer. In any case, compare prices for transportation to your city will not be superfluous. the

We are responsible for shipping, try to minimize the downtime of the machine for loading regardless of car accessories. Usually, consumers who do not have their own vehicles, use our delivery services. At the same or lower cost, the customer gets a solution to a much larger number of questions: not only the delivery but also its organization, elaborate system of packing, loading schemes, placement of cargo in the car, etc. In addition, we work only with reliable responsible carriers with many years experience of cooperation with the Company "Petromramor" for the delivery of products from granite and marble in many cities of Russia and abroad. the

Regulatory requirements for packaging granite the

we would like to mention the packaging system used by the company "Petromramor" for the production of marble and granite. Packaging the packaging shall protect the natural stone products from damage, and easy loading and unloading, stable in the frame of the vehicle and, thus, easy and economical. Engineering staff stone processing plant LLC "Petromramor" uses different types of packaging depending on the product, the wishes of the buyer and mode of transportation. Best of all the requirements of the packaging corresponds to wooden containers. Stab pavers are Packed in wooden boxes. Wrapping elstomeric of slabs of granite made pallets on the individual sizes, which plates are placed horizontally. Thin paving slabs and facing tiles of granite and marble are transported and stored in an upright position to avoid damage to the product. For this purpose wooden boxes and custom stand. Also on special racks are Packed ready stage of granite and slabs of granite and marble. This solves the problem of moving large thin products, which are able to break even under its own weight when lifting and transporting in a horizontal position.

Delivery to Russia

Installation into container crates with granite slabs in a single layer for transporting
Closing the loaded container with granite products
Locking and sealing device, guaranteeing integrity of cargo during transportation