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Small architectural forms

Small architectural forms Small architectural forms are an important element at creation of internal interiors, a landscape accomplishment of territories, Engineering designs of various functionality. The main destination of small architectural forms consists in giving to interiors Unique unique kind and creation of comfortable conditions of pastime and rest. Small architectural forms introduce esthetic filling to interiors and surrounding space.

Company "PetroMramor" makes decorative elements of a granite and marble, columns and columns from a granite, a handrail, eaves, benches, Bowls and vases from a natural stone and many other things. In a format of small architectural forms works of any kinds are performed Decorative paving a stone, facing of external elements of designs by a granite and marble. A variety of the architectural forms offered by our company, provides a wide range of original decisions

Small architectural forms are made on a site of an art carving of manufacture of company "PetroMramor" in Vsevolozhsk. On this site as manufacturing of carved elements, columns, bas-reliefs, mosaic panels and shaped is made Products (window sills, table-tops, steps, fireplaces and so forth).
Vases granite
Vases from a gabbro-diabase, Kareliya
The baluster manufacturing from a deposit granite Ladoga
Vases from a gabbro-diabase
Vases exclusive from a granite
Vases from a stone
Granite columns
Granite handrail
Decorative elements from a granite of Balmoral Red
Manufacturing of a granite balustrade base
Details of a granite fountain a bowl
Manufacturing of granite columns
Manufacturing of the basis of granite columns
Manufacturing of rotation bodies, spheres from a granite
Stone vases
Eaves marble
Columns and columns from a granite
Plate a covering from a gabbro-diabase
Plates a covering on columns from a granite
Plate a covering polished from a gabbro-diabase
Polishing of columns from a granite
Semicolumns from a granite Baltic Brown.
Bench from a granite.
Fragment of a granite balustrade.
Bowls from a gabbro-diabase.
Elements of a bowl of a fountain from a granite.
Manufacturing in shop of granite columns
Granite drains a granite the Vozrozdenie
Manufacturing of thick steps from a granite
Plates of a covering of a parapet from a deposit granite Baltic
Trunk of the polished column granite Kuznechnoe
Drains from a granite Kuznechnoe
Columns the granite polished
Manufacturing of granite columns
Small architectural forms: manufacture of granite steps
Manufacture of granite thick elements on a curve
Steps a curve from a granite
Monolithic steps from a granite Mansurovsky
The keystone and details of a frame of a portal from a granite
Manufacturing of columns from the Gabbro-diabase with sample
A one piece arch radius of 1000 mm made of granite Dymovskiy. Texture - circular polished with facets 10 to 10 mm

Landscape construction and small architectural forms