Price massive granite steps

Massive steps of granite, made from a single granite massif, have a great advantage compared to granite cladding concrete steps. Whole stages allows to implement complex artistic decisions end portion of the step. One-piece monolithic granite steps are made as a direct form, and with a roller of different diameters, with cushion and "sweeps" ("tooth") and other forms of treatment end.

Solid steps are much more stable to shocks and other mechanical influences, than lined. When movement of soil or contact with harvesting machinery such steps can be simply passed without repair and replacement. The appearance of solid massive steps of granite gives the impression of reliability and sufficiency.

In this modern technology make these steps are almost identical in price with steps, lined with granite tiles, when you consider the cost of tread and riser, installation, consumables and casting stairs of concrete under facing.

Compare yourself! The price of direct granite steps of arbitrary length from the Revival of gray granite, light gray in Mansurovskiy, red-brown Dymovsky (Baltic), grey Kamennogorsk, Zheltau-1 Red Zheltau-2 Yellow, Zheltau-9 (Zhalgyz) gray-pink will be only 2 931 rubles per 1 running meter of the finished tread thickness of 150 mm and a width of 300 mm (including heat treatment of the upper face).

The cost of treatment of end-stage direct on CNC machines in the form of a roller with a diameter of 60 mm with cutting (sawn texture-sanded) is 2 370 roubles for 1 l. m. Price from 20 meters.