>Изделия из камня

Stones (border) made of granite

The stones of granite, also called granite curb and granite curb - it is molded products, which length considerably exceeds the width and height. Granite side stone is designed to separate the roadway from the sidewalk, the device dividing line, separating lawns, embankments, the device walkways, etc.

Granite curbs are used, especially where durability in the most adverse conditions and in the most critical sections of roads and embankments. It is the place of separation by a busy road and a sidewalk or promenade, especially in the areas of turn or intersection with another road. Border in these installation sites are exposed to various de-icing reagents, cycles of freezing-thawing in the presence of moisture. In addition, a border of granite, assumes a serious mechanical impact cleaning equipment and careless drivers who injure his cars, and sometimes swooped down on him. As practice has shown the operation of onboard stones of different materials, with a price that is acceptable for use in road construction, with granite side stones have the greatest durability. In some cases, the use of granite curb due to the high decorative properties of products from natural granite.

The performance properties of granite curbs (curbs)
Affect the durability and useful life of side stones, in addition to the operating conditions and physico-mechanical properties of granite, the effect and the geometric parameters of the product. Curbs, where the width is comparable with the height, or larger than, the experience of the operation, more durable. In St. Petersburg there is a similar side stones that are under the most adverse operating conditions, including bends on busy roads, where periodically they are hitting vehicles, are already about 150 years.

Decorative curbs made of granite
A distinctive feature of the granite side of the rocks is their highly decorative. Even the standard buchardirovannuju or sawn granite border of the most affordable deposits of granite (Revival, Ala-noskua, and so on) thanks to the decorative effect of natural stone looks much better than concrete. When using granites with high decorative effect, using a wide range of colours and variety of textures of natural granite combined with the texture, revealing the color of the stone, granite border stones become an important decorative element in the design of urban spaces or gardens. For example, radius (curved) side stones of polished granite Dymovskiy was used to create flowerbeds in the design of recreational areas in Moscow, and straight and curved borders of lake Ladoga and Dymovskiy granite – when designing pedestrian areas on the Great Moscow street in St. Petersburg.

Tolerances and dimensional tolerances from the nominal kerb
For those who have not had practice working with side stones, it is important to pay attention to the accuracy requirements in their manufacture and appearance. For sawn side stones accuracy requirements on width +/-3 mm, But the height of the sawn side stones have a tolerance of +/- 10 mm, which is significantly more than for other types of natural stone products. It should be noted that the untreated part of the curb when the installation is under the surface of the roadway and is not visible visually. In this connection, on the invisible side stones manufacturers allow the presence of fairly large chips that do not affect the consumer properties of products.

Sawn stone 1GP side of gray granite Vozrozdenie
Stone Board (curb) custom 300x400 mm heat-treated beveled
An example of the use of short straight curbs instead of the radius (radial)
Stones may not be sawing at the bottom, as the bottom part during installation goes into the ground
Granite curb was used to create the edges of the steps. Grey granite. The top is crushed.
Polished decorative option curved curbs