The prices for columns, fountains, vases and other small architectural forms made of granite

Small architectural forms made of natural granite and marble is extremely varied – this is the constraints of travel, benches and tables, cabinets, vases and planters, pillars, columns, fountains, etc. These products are made from different types of granite and marble and as a rule, according to individual drawings. In this regard, standard prices for such products does not exist. That would give some idea on the cost of small architectural forms made of granite, will bring the prices of some specific products:

The column gate rectangular 29 560 rbl. of/piece dimensions HH mm sawn with chamfer on four edges of 10 x 10 mm granite Dymovsky, Zheltau, Kamennogorsk, Zhalgyz.

Polished round column with a diameter of 600 mm and length 2500 mm should *226 080 rbl. of/piece of red granite Zheltau, Kamennogorsk, Zhalgyz, Baltic and Rebirth. * Price from 10 pieces.

Faceted round column with a diameter of 400 mm and length 3000 mm should *131 000 rbl. of/piece of a granite Dymovsky, Zhalgyz, Baltic and Kamennogorsk. * Price from 10 pieces.

The limiter of travel of granite Revival rectangular dimensions mm GH with "envelope" on upper face of heat-treated costs 15 000 RUB./PCs.

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