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Products from limestone

Limestone, and as its variety - Limestone (marble) is a sedimentary rock of medium hardness, various products of which are used as finishing materials for both exterior and interior works. It is well known that the ancient temples in Russia, and even in Europe, were erected from the so-called White Stone. This is a general term for many types of natural stones of light, sandy shades that are not easily processed by marble or shell rock, including limestone. And later, when the materials for the walls became widely used, mainly brick, were widely used in the construction of lime stairs, limestone steps in the interior decoration of poor estates, from which the foundations and socles of the mansions were erected. Limestone facing is very popular today. The facades of limestone, or rather from facing slabs, which can have different sizes, and thus can emphasize the necessary design features, are very common in modern architecture. You can buy limestone from a warehouse in Vsevolozhsk, leaving a request in the "advanced order" directly on the site, in the menu on the left.

Tolstomerny steps of limestone, blocks of limestone of our production can be used for repair and restoration work when restoring the socle of facades and staircases of historical buildings. Restoration and repair of limestone steps is a topic widely discussed, more and more residents of the former profitable houses built in the early twentieth century. they would like to return their original look to their own, make them more presentable, cozy, beautiful.

A fragment of a limestone fence using rust. In the center is the diamond rust. Village Kabardinka Among the limestone products, of course, there are not only simple facing slabs, although they can be of a variety of sizes and types, but also blocks of a more complex configuration. For example, limestone blocks for creating the so-called "rusta" - when the protruding stones are located in rows above the buried ones, or "diamond rust", when on the walls or "blades" - small protruding straight sections of the walls - stones in the form of low pyramids are located, , attached to the "scapula". Such details can give any home refinement and originality.

City, park and garden landscapes can be decorated with vases, benches, fountains, columns, gates, arches and arcades, sculpture, balustrades made of limestone. Beige and gray shades, with which this stone is rich, invariably create a cozy atmosphere.