Prices for fireplaces, mosaics and marble reliefs

In the design of interiors and the design of a building, where needed to achieve high artistic and aesthetic result with creating an atmosphere of beauty, sophistication and at the same time, security and reliability, increasingly using sophisticated artistic elements, made of natural granite, marble and other natural stones. In the architecture of residential and public buildings marble mosaics are used for floors, fireplaces and chimney, granite and marble, bas-reliefs, artistic carvings in stone and more.

Achieving the desired aesthetic effect and quality of the finished product for such complex forms of work and requires coherent and coordinated work of team of high level specialists in all phases of design, construction features, fit and finish Assembly of the fireplace or marble mosaic at the customer site. Stone processing company "Petromramor" has extensive experience in the execution of such orders, a highly professional team of specialists and production base, equipped with equipment from the best producers of machines for stone treatment from Italy. High quality and strict adherence to deadlines is an important criterion of activity of Company "Petromramor".

Almost all of the mosaic work and mosaics, fireplaces or veneer fireplaces, bas-reliefs, high reliefs and the carving of stone is done on individual projects or sketches. In this regard, there is no possibility to create for such products the price list. Our sales professionals can calculate the price required by the customer, the product, or to help with a choice of options to organize the design, if necessary Contacts. the

In order to help potential buyers understand the pricing on mosaic, fireplaces, carvings and artistic carvings granite and marble, below are some photos of the executed works, with specific prices.

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