Granite against coronavirus COVID-19

Minor radiation levels reduce the ability of COVID-19 coronavirus to spread. Background radiation It is an ionizing radiation that is safe for humans and performs a disinfecting function. For example, the background of granite slabs of the Palace Embankment near the Hermitage does not exceed the norm and amounts to approximately 22 micro X-rays per hour [1]. Thus, the radiation levels do not exceed the MPC, and if a month to live on such a stove, then a person will not get even the average annual allowable dose [1]. The radioactive background of granite in the Urals sometimes significantly exceeds the average. At the same time, no deviations in health are observed in the local population [2].

background radiation benefit or harm?

Ionizing radiation perfectly kills pathogens, viruses, pests. Using radiation, you can sterilize various objects, foods for food [3]: ionizing radiation - a killer of germs.

It is known that gamma radiation is used to quickly process large batches of syringes, catheters, kits for blood transfusion and other medical devices directly in the package. At the same time, a real end of the world is coming for microorganisms - only one bacterium per million products remains alive.

Today, more than 68 types of food products are processed by radiation in Europe and the USA: semi-finished products, meat, fish, seafood, potatoes, fruit juice concentrates, berries and fruits, feed for farm animals [3].

Under natural conditions, in the air we breathe, some of the molecules have electric charges, the process of the appearance of a charge on a molecule is called ionization [4]. The causes of natural air ionization are many, and one of them is the natural radioactivity of rocks, which are largely represented by granite.

We summarize. Granite VS coronavirus COVID-19: granite windowsill or countertop - will help defeat COVID-19? YES!!!

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Posted: 03/17/2020
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