>Месторождения гранита

Deposit Kamennogorsky

Deposit Kamennogorsky. Granite. The Petrographic kind of a stone: а granite. The Kamennogorsky deposit represents a file of granito-gneisses and graniteы. The extracted stone is processed on manufacture companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
A deposit Site: Leningrad region, the Vyborg area.
The Exit of blocks from mountain weight: 22.7 %.
Mineral structure (%): a microwedge - 22, a plagioclase - 38, quartz - 27, a biotite - 8, a horn blende - 6, apatite, zircon - 1.

Features of appearance: there are two characteristic versions of a granite - grey and rozovato-grey a bluish shade.

The Scope. external facing: facades, steps, porch details, socles, portals, a paving of the areas, city registration, parapets, quays, Ritual products. Internal facing: walls, ladders, floors. Deposit characteristics Kamennogorsky allow to use raw materials for manufacture of the granite rubble applied in building.

Use Examples. external facing: hotel "Astoria" facade in St.-Petersburg, coastal foundations and parapets of the Bolsheohtinsky bridge in St.-Petersburg, elements of a facade of a building of institute "Electrostandard" in St.-Petersburg, a socle of office building of the Russian Open Society of EU on street Chalomeja in Moscow.

the Source: prirodokamennye resources of Russia, 2004, Moscow
Structure of a granite of a deposit Kamennogorsky
Granite Kamennogorsky the polished invoice
Tile after polishing by thickness of 30 mm from a granite Kamennogorsky
Tile facing from the Kamennogorsky granite
saw plates from a granite Kamennogorsky the glossy invoice
Manufacturing of granite plates