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Slab marble and granite

Slab marble and granite Products from naturally stone still are fashionable products and find the big application at furnish both external facades, and internal interiors. It is most found the big plates marble or a granite. Appeal marble slabs is caused by originality of drawing and color The palette covering shades from pink and yellowish to is dark-greenish and black tones. Excellent physical and chemical properties of a natural stone, do products of marble and a granite strong and durable. Marble slabs are ideally suited for manufacturing of the big sizes of products, such as table-tops, window sills, bar counters. ATTENTION! If it is necessary for you quickly and it is free to calculate slabs, fill please the short form the forward ordering.

The Special offer: - a granite "New Veneziano Gold". A thickness H=30 mm. The price: 6100 roubles. The plates of the big sizes polished. Brazil. Slabs the big sizes and thick plates of the non-standard sizes under the order. Approximate the prices on preparations of a granite in width of 300-600 mm for manufacturing of thick products are presented in the price-list.

Sample Crema Valencia, marble
Plate of marble of the Cream Valencia Crema Valencia
Yellow Atlantida, marble
The sample of marble Dark Emperador
Kashmir White, a granite
Golden Chocolate, a granite
Imperial Gold, a granite
Giallo Vinzen, a granite.
Atlantico Cream, a granite.
White Galaxy, a granite.
Bianca Carrara, marble.
Golden Flaks, a granite.
Slab a gabbro-diabase, a deposit of the Primera, Kareliya.
Gabbro-diabase plate, deposit of the Primera, Kareliya.
Preparations of granite plates, a deposit the Vozrozhdenie
Granite plates, deposit the Vozrozhdenie
Polished slabs granite of Kashin Gora
The polished strips of a granite of a deposit the Vozrozhdenie
Preparations for products to a floor slabs a granite of Mansurovo
The half-slabs granite thick products
Slabs granite sawing Mansurovsky in the thickness 30
Slabs thermoprocessed a granite Dymovsky (deposit Baltic)
Slabs granite Baltik Brown bucharda invoices