>Месторождения гранита

Kurtinsky (granite)

The Petrographic kind of a stone: a granite.
A deposit Site Kurtinsky: Republic Kazakhstan (the Kyzylsajsky deposit). Sawing and granite processing Kurtinsky is carried out on manufacture Companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
Mineralogical structure (%): a plagioclase 32, potassium feldspar 42, quartz 25, a biotite,muskovit, sericite - nearby 1.
Physicomechanical properties: volume weight of 2700 [kg/m3], specific density of 2,64 [g/sm3], water absorption of 0,32 %, Porosity of 1,2 % to rub 0,2 [g/sm2], strength at compression (МПа) 120 [kg/sm2], frost resistance of 50 cycles.
Features of appearance: the granite Kurtinsky has an average and fine-grained structure. Color of a granite Kurtinsky Light brown with a shade of cocoa with uniform tone. Sometimes there are small dark inclusions.
The Scope: no granite Kurtinsky restrictions has. Application at facing of facades and entrance interiors, and as usually finds It is used and at internal furnish of premises by a granite tile. It is often applied at manufacturing of ladder marches, balustrades, it is used In a granite paving and in building-road constructions.
The surface Invoice: the granite is perfectly ground and polished, supposes heat treatment. A granite strong and cold-resistant.
Handrail polished from a granite Kurtinsky
Facing of a facade of a building by a granite tile Kurtinsky
Facing facade tiles and decorative elements in polished granite Kurtinsky

Effective specific activity of natural radionuclides: I class. Kurtin granite, despite the fact that refers to granites, warm colors, which are characterized by an increased content of JORN has a low level of specific effective activity of natural radionuclides. Research conducted 17.04.2015 showed Aeff.- is 107 Bq/kg Is significantly less margin for class I 370 Bq/kg. Granite can be Classified as belonging to class I activity, ERNO, can be used for the manufacture of any products of natural stone for building, finishing, restoration, road construction and improvement. Download the research Protocol

Features appearance: Kurtin Granite has a medium to fine texture. Kurtin granite color is light brown or brown grey with a touch of cocoa and a uniform tone. Allocate granite Kurtin Kurtin granite dark and light. Macroeconom practically absent, which makes it easy to attach the elements cut from different blocks (subject to selection of blocks from one category of "gray-light brown or gray-brown dark"). Sometimes there are small dark inclusions. On the polished surface can occur visible small cavity (2-3 mm).

Application: Granite Curtin is widely used for manufacturing of facing granite slabs, road slabs, granite blocks. Kurtin granite with good physical-mechanical and decorative properties are used for all kinds of products from natural granite: kitchen countertops and window sills, balusters, railings and stairs for balustrades, monumental sculpture, small architectural forms, monuments, pedestals, columns, fountains, parapets and stone for embankments and more.

Technological features: Granite Curtin tech in treatment. Well sawed, and polished thermoablative, obvious direction the cut has not. The manufacturers of Curtin Deposit offer to supply all the categories of blocks, including I (over 5 m3).