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Granite paving plates

Slabs paving is a square, rectangular or complex shape (curved), plates with different types of facial surface, used for paving of roads, sidewalks, paving squares, embankments, garden paths and other landscaping, construction and road works and landscaping. In the majority of cases, paving slabs made of granite, because granite has a high abrasion resistance, adverse weather factors, and provides the necessary durability and, consequently, the economy and high decorative properties.

Stone slabs for paving humanity began to use several thousand years ago. Of course, that in former times it was used, first of all, the stones that are easily divided into layers. Use paving slabs of natural stone could afford only the rich people and the state, and only on the most important objects (Roman roads, Palaces of China, and so on). Time has proven that the best material for slabs granite is. Some roads and bridges, paved with granite slabs, still serve the people, while maintaining its beautiful appearance. Slabs of sedimentary rocks, such as marble, limestone and travertine, under the influence of the weather phenomena quickly lose their appearance and are destroyed.

At the present time, the use of slabs of granite is becoming more popular in urban landscaping and private buildings. The paving slabs of granite are used for the beautification of urban areas: sidewalks, pedestrian areas, the carriageway of roads, courtyards, pavements, embankments, roads and recreational areas, gardens and Park paths, squares, subways, metro stations operated roofing and other purposes.

Growing popularity of granite slabs in the country and the construction of the cottage for the improvement of paths, pavilions and landscaped grounds, terraces, otmostkov etc. Almost always, when you want to get beautiful flooring that will last for many decades and will be cost effective, the choice is made in favor of the granite slabs.

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Paving of the pedestrian area of paving slabs of granite Mansurov and gabbro-diabase Drugarice
Granite paving Baltic brown Baltic Brown from Finland
Paving slabs paving granite Dymovsky (field Baltic)