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Granite approximately, substandard slabs of granite

Granite approximately, substandard slabs of granite
Granite approximately is a small plate with a stab and sawn edges of arbitrary shape, with heat-treated, polished and sawn surface. In the manufacturing process of tiles and slabs of granite is the cutting granite slab (large flat blanks) on the final product. When this is formed of a plate of a smaller format than is required, trim, have some hand sawn, and some broken pieces of plates. Nonconforming parts of the plates are not waste, but are a by-product in high demand among consumers. For its determination uses a different name - it is called the granite near, granite fight, breccia or waste granite slabs. The last two names are not quite correct, but a single set of normative documents of title for such product no.

Granite approximately (substandard), enjoys a large and steady demand. One of the facts about this, is that some trading companies and construction companies that do not have granite around from production, to implement specific design solutions break conforming granite slabs and sell them under the name of "breccia" at a price higher than the cost of conforming granite slabs. Primarily, this is due to the decorative possibilities of granite around. When using the impression patchiness, controlled chaos of the elements going into a coherent picture. It is also possible to combine both the elements of different shapes and combine when laying granites of different fields. The combination of black granite, red, gray, brown, green and other colors creates a more artistic possibilities.

Granite approximately, substandard slabs of granite

Paving garden path granite the fight (okola) without matching the pattern
Paving from the battle (okola) slabs of marble of different colors
Granite fight slabs (marble) brown granite and Dimovo grey Revival in the paving