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Table-tops from marble

Table-tops from marble For manufacturing of table-tops from a natural stone is better approach marble and a granite. Table-tops from a natural stone will enrich and will decorate any interior. Such properties of a natural stone as high durability and Opposition to differences of temperatures do by its fine material for manufacturing Kitchen table-tops, marble little tables and window sills. For hotel interiors table-tops from marble, as warm natural stone more approach. Of marble do table-tops for journal and chess little tables, shelves of fireplaces.

Unlike a granite, marble more vulnerable breed. The polished marble is afraid chemically of excited environments and consequently as a bar counter to use it it is not recommended. At the same time, distinctive moisture resistant properties of marble do by its best material for facing of bathrooms, bathrooms, pools, shelves for a bath. Absolute water resistance of marble allows to create from it magnificent marble bowls, decorative fountains, landscape products. Shaped processing of marble on ours manufacture will give to products special refinement and an exclusive.

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Table-top from marble Crema Marfil, Spain
Table-top marble. The name of marble Crema Marfil, Spain
Table-top from marble of Serpenjante
Table-top marble. The marble name - Serpenjante
Table-top in a bathroom, marble Crema Marfil, Spain
Manufacturing of a table-top from marble Imperiador, Spain
Manufacturing of a table-top from marble Bianco Carrara
The panel kitchen from marble Crema Valencia, Spain
Manufacturing of a table-top from beige Turkish marble