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Granite slabs made of granite Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan

Stone processing company "Petromramor" in our own factory, located in Vsevolozhsk, produces a wide range of slabs of granite deposits in Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan with a polished, burnished, polished, sawn, reclaimed and point (buchardirovannoy) the texture of the front surface with a thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm. the

the Concept of "slab" for the first time defined the requirements of GOST 9480-2012 "Plate facings made of natural stone". This is partially processed (not edged) large size plate-billet shape close to a square, dimensions: length 1500-3200 mm, width 600-2200 mm, thickness of 15-40 mm. the Term comes from the English Slab - plate. For the first time in the regulatory documentation, the concept of slab was introduced only in 2012, in this regard, it is still possible to meet various distorted spellings and pronunciation of this term: slab, weak, slab, slab. Typically, the slabs are used as semifinished products for the manufacture of various shaped objects - window sills, countertops, steps, sills, shelves in stores, kitchen "aprons", border stones, benches, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, facing planar fireplaces, stoves, coating, etc., for the manufacture of panels of non-standard sizes, parts of the mosaic. the

the Company "Petromramor" produces slabs by the diamond-wire saw large blocks on the wire saw machines, which allows to obtain slabs of great lengths and widths. Slabs (strip) of a width up to 600 mm can be manufactured on circular sawing machine with diamond. the

From each block obtained several dozen slabs with a very tight pattern and color, allowing you to use slabs for walls, columns or paving floors of granite with complex a distinct pattern. Because of this, by using the adjacent party slabs, you can get the picture without breaks, smoothly flowing over the entire area of the lining and creates a holistic picture of the combination of the natural pattern of the stone. the

In the manufacture of products from slabs, the consumer and the manufacturer has the ability to choose the appropriate color and pattern slabs or parts of the slab, which is especially important for granites with large complex pattern. For manufacturing products of a thickness exceeding 30 mm bonding is sometimes used. Modern polyester and epoxy adhesives for stone you can get a connection almost equivalent to a monolithic stone of strength and almost not visible. Thus, the method of manufacture of complex products by gluing of thick slabs 20 and 30 mm is sometimes more economical to manufacture than solid, especially for expensive varieties of granite and marble. The company and Petromramor" a small portion of the slabs made of polished and heat-treated, and the rest are stored in sawn form. This allows the customer to choose the slab and the desired type of processing facial surface. the

In stock company Petromramor there is always a large selection of slabs of own production granite zheltau red, Zheltau yellow, gray-pink Jalgyz, dark grey Kamennogorsk, Revival grey, light grey (sometimes even called "white") Mansurov, brown Kashina Gora, grey-pink and pink Ladoga, brown Dymovsky (Baltic), black gabbro-diabase, Dlugolecki, green, Baltic green, red, Balmoral Red, brown, Baltic brown, Carmen red Red (Karelia Red). the

Please note that due to strategic the partnership with the manufacturer block fields Zheltau red, yellow and zheltau Zhalgyz from Kazakhstan, the company "Petromramor" offers slabs of these granites at uniquely low prices. The price slabs exclusive warm tones of imported granites of Kazakhstan corresponds to the price of the most inexpensive granites of the region. Prices of granite slabs can be found in the sections Stone prices and Sale granite and marble slabs.

Granite slabs made of granite Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan

Bar table made from a slab of brown Dymovsky (Baltic) granite
Countertop and wall panel made of slabs of gray-pink granite Jalgyz
Гранит Балморал Ред красный. Полированный слэб на складе в Санкт-Петербурге
Stairs made of granite Revival. Made of polished slab 30 mm thick.
The tabletop is glued from polished slabs of gabbro-diabase, Dlugolecki
Countertops of black gabbro-diabase low prices in St. Petersburg