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Baltic Green (granite)

Baltic Green (granite) The Petrographic kind of a stone: a granite.
The Site of a deposit Baltic Green: Finland - Suomenniemi/Finnisches Seengebiet; Ylamaa, Husu. Granite Baltic Green, along with such grades, as a brown granite Baltic Brown, a red granite Kareliya Red and Kuru Grej gray granite Use the greatest demand. The granite processing Baltic Green is carried out on manufacture companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
Mineral structure (%): an orthoclase - 55, quartz - 23, a plagioclase - 15.

Features of appearance: a granite coarse-grained, with green grains of feldspar, the size of grains of an order of 15-25 mm in diameter.

The Scope: external facing buildings, cottages, at landscape design. It can be applied in all kinds of civil work without restrictions - as a building stone, тесаный a stone, a decorative stone. Internal application: steps and ladders, window sills, table-tops, a facing tile. The invoice of a facing tile: polished, glossy, thermoprocessed.

Use Examples a natural granite Baltic Green: restorations of historical buildings in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
the Facing granite polished tile Baltic Green
The facing granite polished tile Baltic Green.

Baltic Green (granite)

Granite Baltic Green heat-treated
Baltic Green granite polished
Granite Baltic Green of Bouchard (spot treatment)
Slabs of polished green granite Baltic Green 30mm thickness
Harvesting green granite Baltic Green, texture of the surface sawn
The floor slabs (strips) of sawn green granite, Baltic Green Finland