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Zheltau red (granite)

Zheltau red (granite) The Petrographic kind of a stone: a granite.
The Site of a deposit of Zheltau red: a site №11 Zheltausky granite files, Moinkumsky area of Zhambylsky area, Kazakhstan. The sawing and granite processing Zheltau (red) it is carried out on manufacture Companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
Physicomechanical properties: average density of 2560 [kg/m3], water absorption of 0,27 %, strength at compression 110 [МPа], To rub 0,25 [g/sm2], factor of a softening 0,81, frost resistance of 25 cycles.
Features of appearance: the granite of Zheltau possesses an average and coarse-grained structure, on color has a red shade. Sometimes has the small dark inclusions giving deviations from the basic red shade.
The Scope: Zheltau red is universal. From this granite make window sills, bar counters, mosaics, Columns, table-tops for kitchen, an onboard stone (a road border, sidewalk a border), a stone blocks, Steps and ladder balustrades, it is used as an external element.
The surface Invoice: the polishing polished, thermoprocessed. Initially the granite has to saw a surface. After polishing or heat treatment gets a glossy surface.
Granite of Zheltau thermoprocessed
Granite blocks Zhiltau
Plates polished from a granite of the Zheltausky deposit
Steps from a granite of Zheltau of the thermoprocessed invoice
Structure of a granite of Zheltau (red) polished
The polished sample of red-brown Zheltau-1
Chipped granite paving paving stones granite Zheltau-1 Red. The size of the pavers 100*100*50 mm
Veneer slabs with the texture of "rock" or "wild stone" granite Zheltau-1 red
Stage, podstupenki paving and chipped stone blocks from granite Zheltau-1 red