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Deposit Kapustinsky (granite)

Deposit  Kapustinsky (granite) The Petrographic kind of a stone: a granite.
A deposit Site Kapustinsky: Ukraine, the Kirovograd area, the New Ukrainian area. Cutting of blocks of a granite on Slabs it is carried out on manufacture companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
Mineral structure (%): a microwedge - 50, a plagioclase - 24, quartz - 18, a biotite - 7.

Features of appearance: color a granite the red. Intensity of coloring of red crystals can vary. Red grain of crystals has the extended form in volume. Similar characteristics of a deposit Kapustinsky a number of nearby open-cast mines possesses. An extracted stone on these open-cast mines It is close on color and the invoice Kapustinsky, however has more poor quality.

The Scope: external facing buildings, cottages, at landscape design. It can be applied in all kinds of civil work without restrictions. The invoice of a facing tile: polished, glossy, thermoprocessed.

Use Examples a natural granite of a deposit Kapustinsky: facing administrative and residential buildings in Moscow, At building of bridges, quays and the Moscow underground.